Why Study Comics?

“While each of the major integral elements, such as design, drawing, caricature and writing, have separately found academic consideration, this unique combination took a long time to find a place in the literary, art and comparative literature curriculums. I believe that the reason for slow critical acceptance sat as much on the shoulders of the practitioner as the critic.”


–          Will Eisner


I am a comics commentator, critic and researcher. I have always loved reading comics, as many of us have, but as a reader I wasn’t fully aware of how beautifully complicated they were.

And, that’s why I made JustcomiX – a space where I could share what I am learning about comics – past, present and future. I also review new comics in India, trying to see what could be right, instead of only what’s wrong. I also have my own JustcomiX rating – where I rate books on different parameters, so you know what I think is good about a book, and what’s not.

I hope you like what you see. For your reading pleasure I put in effort in trying to stay focused, for in reality, I am first and foremost a rambler. Through it all, I want to help people appreciate the depth that comics are capable of, and hopefully contribute to the culture of a truly modern art form.

Call me Sumit (for that’s my name).


If you have comments, suggestions, or want to drop me a line, please do so at sumit at justcomix dot com, or join me on the justcomixfans page on Facebook

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